NIR colours for recycling PE/PP

The market in flower pots sees a great deal of activity. The market demands that all producers deliver pots solely made from consumer waste flows – the so-called PCR material – together with a 100% guarantee the pots will enter the correct waste flow upon disposal. Quite a demand actually, as how do I create consistent and easy to colour PCR waste flows, what colours are possible, how do I test my materials for their properties as well as NIR detectability? And, finally, how do I ensure my products get certified whilst keeping a cap on costs? In a nutshell: there’s quite a bit to contend with in the industry.

At QolorTech we consider ourselves quite the specialists in this field by now. We create NIR detectable colours, which we are able to adjust to client-specific demands for the desired/required cover. If necessary, we can also introduce additional auxiliary materials to prevent your pots from being affected by early discolouration or tearing.

NIR detectable means that infrared scanners can recognise a pot’s material, making it easier to separate out the various pots in the waste flow for a new cycle. A so-called detection gun can effectively prove whether your product is ‘NIR scannable’. And that, of course, does not only depend on the pot’s colour.

If you have any questions regarding NIR colours or if you would like us to develop an NIR colour for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team looks forward to hearing from you.

NIR kleuren voor recycling PE/PP

Adding color. Adding sense.

Adding color. Adding sense.